Reach Point LLC

Real State Management

Reach Point is a real state management company, which has more than 10 years of experience in maintaining and managing offices.


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Non Banking Financial Service Provider

NVC was established in 2007 as Mongolia's first Venture Capital firm. As a restructuring in 2015, the company now provides non banking financial services.


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Mevento LLC

Online Course provider

Mevento LLC provides exclusively produced online courses through their platform "MeLearn". Even though the company was established very recently, they were able to establish many interactive solutions into their product, which is accessible both from mobile and web.


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National Life Insurance LLC

Insurance & Pension

"National Life Insurance" LLC is the first and only insurance company that has been licensed to provide long term insurance services in Mongolia. The company`s products and services focus on social wellness of the public in general such as health, pension, college tuition etc.

+976 7011 3366

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STS Foods

Food Manufacturing

STS Foods is a food manufacturing business with one main ingredient, animal bone, due to its health benefits. The company is dedicated to developing nutritious and healthy products, such as packaged bone broth, broth spice, and other food ingredients.


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Green Infrastructure Development

UCD has been developing project C.A.L.E since 2015, which is dedicated to urbanizing the rural area of Ulaanbaatar through providing eco-friendly, financially flexible solutions to the clients. Furthermore, the project aims to impact and reduce the capital city's pollution through their solution.


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Socratus Startup Studio

Startup Incubation

Socrates Startup Studio specializes in investing and providing innovative comprehensive systems engineering-based incubation services to start-ups to become organic, well-functioning business systems.


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TUS Solution LLC

Business solution & Digitalization

TUSSolution LLC is a system engineering service provider. The company provides social and digital system solutions, which are derived from system thinking and logical thinking practices.

+976 7014 9761

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Coliving Property Management

Coliving Apartment Developer

Coliving Property Management LLC develops co-living apartments for budget living, and rents their apartments through their mobile application "Roomies UB".

7011 4858

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Dream Tour

Tour Operator

Dream Tour is a newly established tour operator, which provides exotic travel experiences tailored to the client's needs. The company leverages the wild and historical land of Mongolia into their tours.


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